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Cocomon Spread

Cocomon Spread

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  • All-natural organic ingredients: cinnamon, coconut, and sugar

  • No preservatives

  • Sweet and nutty flavours

  • Great on toast or in recipes

  • Guilt-free indulgence

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  • Natural Dried Coconut
  • Natural Cinnamon Powder
  • Sugar from natural sugarcane
  • Sunflower oil
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Serving size 100g
Amount Per Serving:

Energy - 170
Calories from fat - 110

Nutritional Information
per 100g %

Energy                   132.4 Kcal %
Total Fat                        3.6g %
Carbohydrate                3.9g %
Protein Content               1.1g %
Total Sugar                   18.0g %
Salt Content(as NaCl) 0.33g %
Total Dietary Fiber           1.1g %

Sugar 18g/100g
Salt 0.33g/100g
Fat 3.6g/100g

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     Spread on bread, Croissants or anything else!

     Marinate your favourite meats

     Use in your smoothie

Benefits of Cocomon

     Relieves gas, bloating and constipation

     Low in calories

     Increase heart health