Our Ingredients Matter

Authentic Family Recipe

Our Family Recipe

Our recipe has been with our family for generations and we couldn’t be more stoked to be sharing with you all.

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Cold Filled In Small Batches

We don’t heat our jam to high temperatures in production and run small batches, often.

That means that you get the true
essence of our ingredients in their natural form in each and every cold-filled bottle.

Authentic Sri Lankan Ingredients

Cocomon Jam is made with real coconut taken from fresh sources, coconut jaggery, ceylon cinnamon which is known to be the best cinnamon on earth, and few other non-GMO ingredients.

They are simple and whole - without any flavorings. When we say ‘our ingredients matter’ we really mean it!

Kitchen Made

We prefer to make our jam in the kitchen, not
in a lab.

All of our ingredients are, and always will be, Cocomon approved!

Great as a spreadable jam or marinade on meat,fish, veggies, rice & anything in-between!

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