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About us

Leaving her home city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 2002, traveling the globe, living in London and Dubai before finally moving to Australia in 2014, Cocomon co-founder Alana de Azevedo has been involved with the global fashion industry since the age of 16. Upon her arrival in Australia, Alana was constantly approached by friends and strangers alike asking where she had purchased her ‘activewear’. Her answer was always the same: Brazil!

Feeling uninspired by the activewear available in the local market which was always either expensive, boring or both, Alana decided she and her business partners were going to bring something a little different to the market. 

Introducing Cocomon! Our brand is inspired by Alana’s ‘passion for fashion’, and the culture from her home on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Our mission is to source exclusive, quality activewear garments designed in Brazil. Quality and exclusiveness for us means our customers will feel true confidence and empowerment no matter what stage of life they are in, or what daily activity they are undertaking.

We look forward to taking you on a journey of empowerment!